The Wise And Foolish Builders -- Matthew 7:24-29

In today's lesson we learn about ...
The Wise And Foolish Builders --- Matthew 7:24 - 29  

In week two, we head to Matthew 7:24 – 29, where we can read a parable Jesus told at the end of the Sermon on the Mount …

Two builders took two different approaches to build their homes. One house was built on a solid foundation, the other on shifting sand.
The message is clear: a solid foundation in life starts with hearing and doing what Jesus says.

Our Bottom Line This Week Is: ... Practice Hearing From God.
We can’t do what God says until we know what God says.
Discovering more about that starts with listening to God.

We pray that kids will learn the faith skill HEAR and find how they can navigate and personalize God’s Word.

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "Training The Body Has Some Value. But Being Godly Has Value In Every Way. It Promises Help For The Life You Are Now Living And The Life To Come"
                                                                                                                                          1 Timothy 4:8, NIrV

Remember that Commitment is: Making A Plan And Putting It Into Practice.

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