The Story of Gideon -- Judges 6 - 8

In today's lesson we learn about ...
Gideon  ---  Judges 6-8

Story Focus: “God Can Use You No Matter What.”

Week three, we will hear about how Gideon trusted that God could use him, despite his weaknesses, and God used Gideon to do some pretty amazing things!
We want our preschoolers to know that they can Press Play and trust God to use them too.

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "I Trust In God, I Am Not Afraid.” Psalm 56:11 (NIrV)
Our Bottom Line This Month Is: ... “I Can Trust God.”

Life can feel uncertain at times. The uncertainty tempts us to fear, we don’t trust that things will be okay. The good news is that there is Someone we can trust in life—no matter what is happening. And, we want to make sure our preschoolers know it! We are bringing out the music, dancing, and fun instruments to help teach our preschoolers that they can Press Play and trust God. In fact, it is so important to us that they know they can trust God, we are going to focus on it for two months! And, the Bible stories they will be hearing will give them plenty of reasons why they can trust God!

As our preschoolers grow up and life begins to feel a little uncertain, we want to make sure they know they can Press Play and trust that God loves them, has a plan for them, will use them, and has the power to do anything in their lives.

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