Jesus Grows In Wisdom -- Luke 2:41-52

In today's lesson we learn how ...
Jesus Grows In Wisdom --- Luke 2:41-52 

We start the month with Jesus and our only glimpse into His life as a child. In Luke 2:41-52, we discover that Jesus knew His Father’s house was where He needed to be. Jesus grew in wisdom, faith, and friendship, and this is the model we should follow as we seek to grow in our relationships with God.
Our Bottom Line This Week Is: ... Wisdom is worth searching for.
Kids are growing up in the information age with access to more data than we could need or imagine. But our knowledge is only as good as how we apply it.
We pray that kids find value in searching for wisdom through God’s Word, trusted friends and Small Group Leaders, and their family. Wisdom is out there; we just need to find it.

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "If Any Of You Needs Wisdom, You Should Ask God For It. He will Give It To You. God Gives Freely To Everyone And Doesn’t Find Fault"  James 1:5 , NIRV

Remember that Wisdom is: Finding Out What You Should Do And Doing It.
When Jesus was a boy, He grew in wisdom. God wants us to discover wisdom, too. When we make a wise choice, we reflect the character of Jesus to the people around us. That’s why giving kids a strong foundation of wisdom is important. We want to equip them to face down whatever choice they may face in the future.

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