Moses And The Sea -- Exodus 17:8-17

In today's lesson we learn about when ...
Moses And The Sea  ---  Exodus 13:17-18 ; 14

Story Focus: “God’s Power Is Awesome!”

Week two, we will hear the story of when God used His awesome power to divide the Red Sea and make a dry path for Moses and the Israelites to walk across. Just in case we’ve heard this story so many times we’ve lost some of the wonder, let’s read that again.

God DIVIDED a body of water for His people. There was a wall of water on each side of them as they walked across on dry land! THAT is powerful!

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: .. "Great Is Our Lord And Mighty In Power.” Psalm 147:5 (NIV)

Our Bottom Line This Month Is: .. “God Is Powerful.”
This month’s theme is Construction Zone, and the incredible machines you see at a construction site are pretty powerful. But, we have Someone even more impressive, more powerful to talk about this month. GOD! We can’t wait to teach our preschoolers that God is powerful!
Our preschoolers will hear over and over that God is powerful as they learn true stories from the Bible where God displayed His mighty power. We want them to remember that God is more powerful than anything or any person they will ever face in this world. They can always look to God for help because God’s. Power. Is. AWESOME!

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