Rehoboam Listens To Fools -- 2 Chronicles 10

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Rehoboam Listens To Fools --- 2 Chronicles 10

In week four, we head to 2 Chronicles 10 and discover what happens with Solomon’s son, Rehoboam. When he took over as king over Israel, the people pleaded with him to make their lives easier. Rehoboam received counsel on both sides of this issue, but rather than acting on the advice of his father’s advisers; he acts on the foolish advice of his friends. This ends up causing a split in the nation of Israel, creating Israel and Judah.

Our Bottom Line This Week Is: ...  Hang Out With Wise People.
It’s been said we are sum total of our five closest friends. Who we choose to spend our time with influences not only choices but who we are.

We pray that kids learn that when they surround themselves with wise friends, they will be more likely to make wise choices throughout every area of their life.
Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "If Any Of You Needs Wisdom, You Should Ask God For It. He will Give It To You. God Gives Freely To Everyone And Doesn’t Find Fault"  James 1:5 , NIRV

Remember that Wisdom is: Finding Out What You Should Do And Doing It.

When Jesus was a boy, He grew in wisdom. God wants us to discover wisdom, too. When we make a wise choice, we reflect the character of Jesus to the people around us. That’s why giving kids a strong foundation of wisdom is important. We want to equip them to face down whatever choice they may face in the future.

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