Sanballat And Nehemiah -- Nehemiah 2:19-20 , 4 , 6

In today's lesson we learn about ...
Nehemiah And Sanballat ---  Nehemiah 2:19-20, 4, 6

In week three, we see how Nehemiah deals with some distractions in Nehemiah 2:19-20, 4, and 6. Not everyone liked what Nehemiah was doing. He had enemies who tried to get the people distracted from finishing the wall. But he sees through their plan and focused on the job God gave him to finish.

Our Bottom Line This Week Is: ...  Stay Focused On What Needs To Be Done.
From cleaning their rooms to finishing their homework, kids have all sorts of things that need to be done. But it often doesn’t take long for cleaning a room to become playing with the toys you’re supposed to be picking up. We hope kids will see that focusing on the task at hand is important. God has all sorts of jobs for us to do. We can trust Him to give us the focus we need to finish them.

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "Work at everything you do with all you heart. Work as if you were working for the Lord."  Colossians 3:23A , NIRV

Remember that Initiative is: Seeing What Needs To Be Done And Doing It.
Initiative is a reflection of the character of God.


God took the initiative by sending Jesus to show us how much He loves us and fix the relationship between us. When we see a need and choose to do something about it, we reflect God’s image in us. Through our initiative, others can see the reality of God’s love for them.

As kids discover more about how we can reflect God’s character through taking initiative, they’ll spend the month studying the life of Nehemiah. Nehemiah’s life is a perfect example of someone who heard about a need, decided to check it out, trusted God, and dropped everything to finish the project.

We can’t wait to see how God helps your kids discover how they can show initiative in their lives.

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