Esther -- Esther 2:2 - 8:17

In today's lesson we learn about ...
Esther ---  Esther 2: 2 – 8:17

Story Focus: “God Is With Me So I Can Be Strong.”  
We will find ourselves in a royal court during week four as we hear about the strong actions of a queen named Esther. She risked her life to gain an audience with the king and plead for the lives of her people.

Bravery, wisdom, courage, and strength…our preschoolers can live out all of these things when they know that God is always with them. That is why we will say countless times this month, God is always with me.

Our Memory Verse This Month Is: ... "We Have The Lord Our God To Help Us” 2 Chronicles 32: 8 (NLT)
Our Bottom Line This Month Is: ... “God Is Always With Me.”

Many of us remember a special toy or plush friend from our Toy Box that gave us comfort and companionship when we needed it. It’s part of growing up. We were made to want someone with us. And that Someone is Who we will be talking about this month. He is the only One who can truly always be with us.

We will say countless times this month, “God is always with me.” We want our preschoolers to believe it with all of their hearts. With this truth as a foundation, they can be brave and wise. They can have courage and strength.

Then, when the times comes that their favorite toy, blanket, or pillow cannot be with them, they will know that there is Someone who loves them and will always be with them. No matter where they go or what they do God is always with them … and you.

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