Next Gen Ministries

Partnering with families to amaze, inspire and move children and youth to imagine, follow, and serve Jesus at the different phases of their lives.

The Clock is Ticking ⌚

Did you know there are only 936 weeks from the time your child is born to the time they graduate from high school?  The Next Generation Ministry at Church on The Hill wants to partner with you at each phase and age to support you as the primary faith influencer in your child’s life.

The part we play 🧩

First, we want to support 💪🏻 and equip 🤝🏻 you with resources and tools that will help parents engage in your child’s spiritual growth.
Second, follow us on Social Media! That's where we post conversation starters, lesson videos, and fun activities to help you reinforce the lessons the kids and students are learning each week.

Kingdom Kidz

Lighthouse Youth

Third, download the Parent Cue App to get customized info about the age and phase your child is in and how you can leverage that timeframe in your kid's life to provide distinct opportunities to influence their future.

A Huge Focus of ours is to Show God’s love to Kidz!

Based on Luke 18:16-17, we agree that Children are the Kingdom’s Pride and Joy! And they are important to us!

Lighthouse Student Ministry

Lighthouse Student Ministry is designed to affirm and mobilize Junior and Senior High youth to find their identity and purpose in Christ.

Have Questions?

So you're one of "those" parents? Great! We definitely get that not everything could be answered on a single page, so we made this form just for you. If you're not a parent, well this form is for you too. We're excited to connect with you and help get you and/or your student involved!